Andean Wedding Info Peace of mind is the result of feeling a deep, abiding sense of security and safety. The more reliance and trust you develop in God, the easierit becomes to deal without fear or worry with the inevitable challenges life brings. CUSCO WAHCA We will perform the Andean Wedding Ceremony in an Archeological site or any place  youchoose in Cusco or the outside of Cusco. The magical place of your choice will have great power, energy, and filled with light.  It will reflect the love you have for each other and will  befull of romance. The spirits will invoke your relationship a duality that transcend eternity.The ceremony starts at 9:30 a.m. and will last about three hours, as it will end with thePurification  and Flowering Ceremony, followed by the Ceremony of the Four Elements: Water, Fire, Air  and Earth. During the ceremony, the Offering or “Despacho” Ceremony to the PACHA MAMA  will be carried out, which consists in giving a matrimonial offering so that thePACHA MAMA  might protect the Sacred Union that is being sealed. The ceremony iscomplemented by a  series of activities, to confirm the union before the eyes of our AndeanGods, which can be: ANILLO CHURACUY: (Exchange of Rings): The rings will have to be silver or gold, even if  they are just plated, as each one of these metals has a meaning which will be revealed to you  in the agency. SUCHI TIYRAY: (Exchange of Presents): In this case, there is a series of  mutual exchanges of presents between man and woman. The kind of products to be  exchanged will be explained to you at the agency, as each product has a special meaning  that only you will know at the moment of the ceremony. T´INKAY: (Drink of Honor): This  ceremony is performed with a drink of Andean beverages that will be useful to strengthen the  marital union from that moment on. PICKNICK (Buffet): This is the food that is being offered  to thank the guests, which is composed of Andean snacks and even of a main course dish.  (This part of the ceremony is optional). Services  included: •Andean Priest •Transportation, only for the fiancés •Offering to the PACHA MAMA, including the basic  liquids for the ceremony •Guide and translator •Basic music for the ceremony.   Services not included: •Gala musicians •Clothes for the wedding •Food •Transportation for the accompanying suite. • Gratuities What you need to bring/carry: •Rain clothes •Water •Camera or video cam •Some products for the offering WaynaApu Healing Centre (Wahca) will inform you of the  presents to be exchanged during the ceremony and all the  details needed for the ceremony. All services that are not included can be offered and included in the price of the package. We can customize your wedding according to you and your loved one.                                   Please contact us for more information