Andean Wedding The shaman operates primarily within the spiritual world, which in turn affects the human wordl.The restoration of balance results in the elimination of the ailment. CUSCO WAHCA This Andean ceremony is much more important than a common conjugal union between two  individuals, as it is a whole sacred ritual performedby an Andean Priest, together with all of  nature’s energies. In the Andean wedding ceremony, not only do the people present participate, but also are  present all the Sacred Deities considered in the Andean religion. We can mention here  themain ones that constitute the Andean Duality which is composed of THE APUS (Mountain  Spirits),representing the masculine side and THE PACHA MAMA (Earth Mother), representing  the woman and in addition to these two Main Deities, Water is considered as theelement that  represents Purity and Fire which symbolizes the Path or Strength. It was a surprise Andean Wedding out of the blue on a bright sunny afternoon. David and  Aubry first enjoyed their unique mystical journey on San Pedro enjoying their visions,  connecting to nature and humanity with minds opening and hearts expanding. The beautiful,  magical landscapes and colorful flowers along the way mystified them.  They carried their  quintos, three coca leaves that represent the serpent, puma and condor, and with all of their  intentions dropped it in the Inkiltambo River. The river carried their coca leaves, as a symbol  of their everlasting love for each other. David and Aubry, a beautiful young couple in love  sharing their magical experience with the sacred San Pedro (Huachuma) decided on the way  down from the RumiWasi Ruins in San Sebastian to become united in the sacred union of  Marriage. Shaman Carlos was more than honored to perform the sacred union as they gazed  into each other’s eyes with deep love and admiration for each other. Their love so pure and  profound with their hearts and souls becoming one surrounded by the Sacred Apus,  PachaMama and the Incan Spirits made their precious vows to one and another. Shaman  Carlos blessed their marriage and the loving couple sealed it with a loving kiss.