Ayahuasca CUSCO WAHCA 957707108 For over 10,000 years Ayahuasca has played a major role in the cultural development of the people who live in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle. The fact continues to hold true today. Ayahuasca is the plant that teaches man how to communicate with plants. For the people of the Selva, which is what the Peruvians call the Amazon Basin, Ayahuasca is like a sacrament.Ayahuasca is a vine that grows in the Selva. There are different varieties, of which “AyahuascaCielo” is recommended.  The actual brew that one drinks at an Ayahuasca session always contains ayahuasca along with another plant, chakruna. Often the brew contains other herbs although perhaps only in homeopathic concentrations.  These may include bovinzana, which is the bark of a tree in the mesquite family, chuchuwasha bark, and coca leaves.Some brews contain over a dozen herbal ingredients.  Each Shaman has his own specialrecipe.The word Ayahuasca can be translated as Vine of the Soul.  When 20th Century Scientists first started studying ayahuasca, they named the active ingredient “telepathine”.  I would venture to guess that someone in government thought that that name was too positive, so the active ingredient was renamed harmaline.  Telepathine (or harmaline) acts by inhibiting the body’s production of MOAI.  With MOAI , the DMT in the chakruna has the desired psychedelic effect. Ayahuasca is a healing psychedelic. It lights up the mind and turns on the senses. During an ayahuasca journey life is experienced in a more intense way.  Often people will see visions.  Among theShipibo people, the participants see very intricately designed geometrical patterns.  These very beautiful, one-of-a-kind visionary patterns are later painted on pottery or woven into cloth.  The design is considered to be a gift from the ayahuasca to that person. Ayahuasca is usually taken in a group setting.  The ceremony begins at dusk.  It is led by a shaman who is in charge of distributing the brew, and of keeping bad spirits away from the group.   This he accomplishes by singing ayahuasca songs.  There is a large body of hauntingly strange and powerfulayahuasca songs.  Some of these songs are sung in the languages of the jungle.  Others are sung in Quechua, the language of the Andean Highlands. Legend has it that the first ayahuasca songs were given to the people by Yacumama, the Anaconda.  Ayahuasca can heal your body, open your mind, and expand your awareness. There has, however, been no time in the recorded history of the world whenwe do not find traces of preternatural interference and a tardy recognition of them from humanity