Ikaro Healing II CUSCO WAHCA 957707108 It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations Over the past several years, the idea of spiritual and psychic healing has become very popular. Spiritual or Psychic healing is a general term, which describes a number of different methods such as spiritual healing, healing hands, pranic healing and energy healing. People may experience this energy as a hot or cool current, relieving pain, and promoting well-being and relaxation. Some healers touch their clients, others work only in the energy field. Some combine healing with massage, others use crystals, color, and sound. There are three very important laws about healing you should know.Law one is only a licensed medical doctor can legally practice medicine and law two only a licensed medical doctor can allowable diagnose a medical problem. Although in some states people in other medical professions may diagnose to the limit of their particular profession and third is only person who can truly heal you is you. This is a law of nature, not of men. Perhaps surgery will be necessary. In the future, new medical breakthroughs may help with broken bones. There are two basic forms of non-traditional healing: the ones that affect you from the outside, and those that affect you from the inside.As of this composition, there are really few domestic therapies. There are too methods of non- traditional mental therapies which can help psychological and physiological problems. This includes Reichian and Neo-Reichian therapies, Primal Scream therapy, Rebirthing, Past Life Regression therapy, and forms of guided meditation. There are too mixtures of all of the above forms.As you develop a relationship with God,you come to realize that he has created you and hence he has found something good in you.You are part of the universe.There are several different kinds of icaros, at the beginning of the session. Their purpose is to provoke the mareacion or effects, to render the mind susceptible for visions to penetrate, then the curtains can open for the start of the theatre. Other Icaros call the spirit of Ayahuasca to open visions as though exposing the optic nerve to light. Alternatively, if the visions are too strong, the same spirit can be made to fly away in order to bring the person back to normality. There are icaros for calling the “doctors”, or plant spirits, for healing, while other icaros call animal spirits, which protect and rid patients of spells. Healing icaros may be for specific conditions like ‘manchare’, which a child may suffer when it gets a fright. The spirit of a child is not so fixed in its body as that of an adult, therefore a small fall can easily cause it to fly. Manchare is a common reason for taking children to Ayahuasca sessions.