Ikaroteraphy There has, however, been no time in the recorded history of the world when we do not find traces of preternatural interference and a tardy recognition ofthem from humanity CUSCO WAHCA Icaros are considered ancient sacred songs that serve many purposes during an ayahuasca ceremony. Some of which include ancestor worship, calling animal spirits, and honoring plants. This is a broad and magical science beyond anything that has been systemized.  It enchants you once you realize the power and meaning behind these songs. Icaros can often be improvised, but typically are given to the shaman after dieting with a plant for a certain time.  In training shamans will sing along with the master shaman, listen to them, write them down, and practice these icaros during their apprenticeship. Icaros are addressed not to the people, but the spirits of the people.  They are invitations and prayers for the spirits to come in and work. Icaros can often be seen as a form of poetry and it is tailored specifically to bring the spirit world to our dimension.  If you can understand the Quechua words that you will find there is a mention of many plants.  They are calling in the spirit of these plants, but also giving them the honor they deserve, applauding their power.  Some of the icaros are calling in the animal spirits.  The shamans aren’t calling upon the specific animal, but the spirit of that animal.  There has to be a certain tonality and reverence behind the icaros in order to call these spirits into the sacred space.  Each animal corresponds to a certain chakra and these archetypal animal spirits are directly tied into the energies that align within our nervous system.  For example, the yana puma is the black panther that is supposed to evoke courage into a patient, or lack of fear.  The boa is a power animal that symbolizes the ability to heal at a fast pace.  It also brings in the kundalini energy of the ability to move the energy through the chakras.  There is also a group of animals from under the water, which is a big part of the Amazonian pantheon.  One is the electric eel and the other a stingray. The stingray represents the telepathic ability to communicate.  The stingray goes beyond the physical space into the electrical field, having the ability to affect things at a distance.  The anagisha or the electrical eel is the nervous energy of the neurological system.  It gives the body electrical power to heal the body in itself.  All of these things have a physiological explanation, why they choose these animals and why they worship these spirits.  You can understand that when you are in trance and you see these animal spirits come in and the impact they have.  So these animals are considered very strong healers.