Wayna Apu Project Spirituality is not somethingfor the chosen few or the pious alone.DNA Activation is the most powerful alternate healing technique that can assist in healing ofphysical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems CUSCO WAHCA                         Project – River Clean up and Preservation Our project is to clean up the rivers which have been contaminated by plastic bottles andtrash.  With help from volunteers we can preserve the rivers before the governmentdecides to cover them up with cement which would be a loss to nature and to the people who need the water for irrigation. We need to educate the locals to not throw their trash in the rivers and help them understand the dangers of doing so.  The Cachimayo River ist he beginning point where it flows into the Urubamba River in the Sacred Valley of theIncas. During the Inca times the water was administered from the Cuenca of Tombamachay and spread to Inkiltambo and Choquequiraw Puquio..  In the past the water was considered sacred to the Incas but now the water is being polluted and soon will dry out if we don’t start taking care of these precious rivers.  This causes dangers to our environment, farming, animals, birds and humans (lack of water). Join us on a tour to preserve our rivers. As we visit these locations we will pick up the trash and learn about these sacred areas.  It takes a team of people to save these waters that are still clear before they are completely polluted. CONTACT US TO FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN HELP US SAVE OUR RIVERS SURROUNDING CUSCO AND THE URUBAMBA RIVER IN THE SACRED VALLEY OF THE INCAS……..THERE IS STILL TIME....!!!!!!!!!! YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS WILL ASSIST US IN  THE CLEAN UPAND EDUCATING THE ANDEAN COMMUNITIES OF THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PRECIOUS RIVERS