Our Services The shaman operates primarily within the spiritual world, which in turn affects the human world.The restoration of balance results in the elimination of the ailment Wayna Apu Healing Centre Associates             Mariano Santos L-4 San Sebastian Cusco Peru                 984554300             CUSCO WAHCA Ayahuasca (sacred vine) and   San Pedro (divine cactus) are   medicinal plants that help you on your spiritual journey and   help you visualize a better life   for you and the planet. If you   are seeking answers about   your life then you will receive  them under these sacred plants   used by the Incas and cultures before them.  The ceremony generally takes place outdoors,   in the middle of a field. The misayoq (sometimes   referred to as a Paq'o) lays an unkuña (a small   rectangular finely woven cloth made from natural   alpaca) on the ground, orientated in the direction   of the nearest important Apu such as Salkantay or Ausangate. He places a large sheet of white   paper on top of the unkuña and upon the paper   places one by one the various elements that make  up the offering.  957707108 The ancient tradition of using the San Pedro cactus for healing and hallucinogenic  purposes has remained part of theculture in Andean shamanism  upto the present day. The San Pedro cactus contains the alkaloid mescaline and  other derivates of phenethylamine with hallucinogenic properties. This cactus was used throughout history by a number  of different pre-Columbian Cultures  and civilizations that settled in northern Peru